Irene Webber | Designer & Illustrator

The Control Group


The Control Group


The Control Group is a dynamic tech company that builds applications to help people connect.


The Control Group
San Diego, California

Role: Graphic Designer 


Inbound Marketing

While at The Control Group I produced goal-oriented creative that was effective across a wide range of uses, including direct response, branding, social engagement, supportive, and standalone. While working I brought a point of view that spoke to the “why” behind a piece of creative.

As the company scaled I had the unique opportunity of being able to create the branding for multiple publication websites that we built.

Something that was foreign to me before starting at The Control Group quickly became one of my passions while I was there. I created countless infographics and was able to quickly identify what makes an infographic work or not. Infographics were a huge part of our efforts to drive qualified traffic to our websites.

Worked within established brand aesthetics to build out website designs across multiple brands.

After joining my team I lead the effort in introducing video production into our marketing campaigns. I created impactful interactive content and video and translated stories into powerful visual pieces.

One of the many things that can quickly become a difficult, tedious task is finding a relevant photo on a stock website. I had the opportunity to set up a photography studio for my team and compile a library of photos for them to easily pull from when they needed.

Asset Library
After joining The Control Group and as our team grew I created a file structure and built up our asset library to improve efficiencies for everyone.