Irene Webber | Designer & Illustrator



Classy is a software company and an online fundraising platform that gives nonprofits easy, effective, and customizable solutions to manage their fundraising efforts.
San Diego, California

Role: Visual Designer 


Brand Marketing

Prioritize and project manages my own workload while meeting critical milestones and deadlines. 

Integrated Campaigns
Creates effective and beautiful content for print, video, and digital media designed to fulfill campaign goals and champion the Classy brand. Projects include ebooks, presentation decks, social media posts, and infographics.

Amplifies marketing campaigns with well-designed content downloadables and promotional ads that bring the campaign’s art direction to life and that complements a user’s journey from start to finish.

Support email campaigns ran through HubSpot or third parties.

Social Media
While working with our social media manager I identified a need for the team to be able to create their own graphics on the fly. I created multiple templates and built out a process to empower them.

Since starting at Classy I have helped reign in the brand consistency on more creative assets (like infographics) while still letting our personality shine through.



Conference for nonprofit professionals

After supporting the Collaborative last year I had the incredible opportunity of leading our conference initiative from the design side. Since owning the project I have clearly communicated conceptual ideas and design rationale and been able to successfully launch Collaborative 2019’s branding.

Interactive Experience
Worked with key stakeholders to brainstorm possible interactive experiences for attendees. Worked to bring this concept to life.

Signage is a beast. There are so many options for conference signage and generally none of it looks good. I worked with the team for the past two years to bring to life the best possible version of our signage.

Printed Collateral
Defined our printed collateral needs for the event, designed each asset, pulled estimates, ordered samples, and finalized orders for the event. I tracked all movement in Asana.

Budget Tracking
With an event comes a lot of information to track from various vendors, multiple shipments, to shifting costs. Keeping an up-to-date spreadsheet from design costs and communicating changes to proper stakeholders helps to ensure our team stays confidently under budget.



I helped our team visualize branding inconsistencies across multiple channels and had the opportunity to lead the charge into our rebrand by redefining our illustration style. I coordinated with team members to make sure our illustrations were being inclusive and begin implementing our new style into the product.

Social Presence
I have worked with key stakeholders on the design team to update existing channels with current designs, and created new channels for the team to share not only what we’re working on but our team culture and experiences as well.